Foto Marcello Bocchieri
                          I Banchi in via Orfanotrofio in Ragusa Ibla celebrates its first anniversary. We celebrate our first 12 months of life and business and we feel like beginning an almost never ending series of thank you! Thanks to those who, since the first days of opening, have chosen to try our products and to savour our dishes on the menu, which we have always tried to mo...

Sultano: ‘Schinga. My frappato’      
Schinga is the name of the frappato that bears the chef Ciccio Sultano’s signature; it is produced and bottled by the farm Paolo Calì di Vittoria. Thanks to his ten years’ experience in this field, Paolo Calì decided to support the chef and to follow all the developments and tries, until they produced the frappato they both had in mind. A new challenge for the star chef, who wanted, with this production,to direct his attention to the area of Ragusa and to his many friends, with whom he shares...

Giuseppe Cannistrà: “Behind I Banchi in a flash”      
"Lately, my life has been marked by a series of adventures. I don’t even have the time to complete an educational path, that a new one, even more intriguing, already presents itself. Today, Chef Sultano and I lead the kitchen at I Banchi. An adventure born during a conversation that made us enthusiastic, while trying to imagine something we could do together. We had a stroke of genius. The chef’s tenacious approach prevailed and in February we put our idea into incubation. On the sixth of...

Ciccio e Peppe      
We wanted to have fun. Starting from the expertise gained in the kitchen, we put ourselves on the line with a culinary experience marked by a playful approach. Away from preconceived schemes, making room to pure creativity. Choosing singular products, collecting experience and know-how, revisiting recipes and turning them in new exclusive versions by “I Banchi”. Being all things in a state of flux, we try and model them as we wish. With care, passion, research, outstanding raw material...