Grandma’s pasta at I Banchi      
monile del ponte
                                              An impressive dish must have a story, taste good and look excellent. This is my leitmotiv. I made this observation once again after meeting Filippo Drago of Molini del Ponte, who showed and let me try the pasta he made - Tumminia busiate - mixed with sanapo (a wild ...

Aubergine proves itself as the indisputable queen of the table, especially at this time of year. Thanks to its taste and versatility, it represents the ingredient par excellence, be it as a side-dish or as a one-course meal, or to exalt sauces in first dishes. It also combines well with fish, cheeses, meats, and together with tomato sauce, is the main ingredient of our cooking. In the menu proposed by “I Banchi”, aubergine can be found in “Paccheri a la Norma”, in “Spatola a la ragugiana”, i...