New menu at “I Banchi” and a brave new dish with salted codfish.      
“The salted codfish is round” is the name of the dish, which is an homage to the dried cod of Messina, but it is an excellent salted codfish. Let’s see it! Air is colder, temperature is lower and we are nearly in line with the autumn. The restaurant “I Banchi” at Ragusa Ibla has changed the menu as well, creating new dishes to remember this period of the year. Today we want to introduce you a new entry: The round salted codfish! Our chef Peppe Cannistrà has created this dish remembe...

We Sicilians know only one way to start well our day.      
Granita is an art for those who prepare it and a ritual for those who savour it. In Sicily breakfast is a real cathartic moment. At the beginning you slowly dunk a piece of brioche or of an inviting, crunchy, just baked mafaldina bread in granita and eat the rest of it with a spoon. Everyone at their own pace: There are those who wake up early in the morning and want to savour it with a still warm brioche; there are those who prefer to eat it at dinner, after spending a day at the se...

An evergreen Sicilian dish? At I Banchi, we think it’s the following one.      
Codfish, for sure. ‘Why do we think that codfish is one of the best Mediterranean dishes? Because it’s always on our table both in winter and in summer.’ That’s the reason why codfish is this week’s dish. Read about our codfish’s peculiarity. At I Banchi we serve ‘phyllo dough codfish’, born out of a Chef Peppe Cannistrà’s brainwave, supervised by the Chef Ciccio Sultano. It’s a really delicious speciality of Messina, a dish mixed with capers and olives, served with an appetizing lukewar...

Roast suckling black pig      
While compiling the menu, choosing recipes to insert based on their quality, our mind went to a second course: “Roast suckling black pig”. A dish by all means satisfying those who want to eat well. The “porchetta di maialino nero” implies two cooking methods for two different meat cuts. On one side, pancetta cooked on barbecue and, on the other side, coppa or capocollo, cooked at a low temperature in its own gravy. When they are both cooked, the meats are blended and the dish is served...