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Q.B. is the cookery school by Ciccio Sultano and his “I Banchi” staff. A diverse range of cookery courses will be held, with the support of kitchen technology KitchenAid . The classes will take place in the warm “I Banchi” place, in via Orfanotrofio, in Ragusa Ibla. Lessons will be integrated with practical demonstrations and recipes explained step by step to students who later will be able to savor every single dish prepared. Lessons will be supported by ad hoc issues, for students to consult during the lessons and at home. The aim of the course is to make it possible for customers to know the kitchen world and refine their organizing and selecting skills. Contextually, possible pairs between food and wine will be discussed. The courses will begin in October 2015. In order to book your participation, write your e-mail address to info@ibanchiragusa.it or phone number 0932 655000