Unprecedented culinary experience aiming at exalting the best of Sicilian and Italian produce and at making cooking become a quality centered unusual experience of pleasure. A selection of cheeses and cold cuts, refined baked products, breakfasts, bread products made with ancient durum wheat varieties searched all over Sicily, complete menus from appetizer to dessert.
The protagonists will be superior quality Sicilian and Italian food products, strictly displayed on refined stalls, like in traditional markets beautified by fish, bread, cold cuts, pastry stalls. As he already did at his “Duomo” restaurant, chef Sultano chooses the path of healthiness. Always striving for quality, Sultano wants to be able to look his customer in the eye, aware of the outstanding quality of his services.

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It ‘s shaping up on the ground floor of prestigious Di Quattro palace in via Orfanotrofio, in the heart of Ragusa Ibla. A majestic historical palace that Duke Arezzi di San Filippo had had built, and later sold to the Di Quattro family, after which it was named. Palace of great architectonic importance, superb location for housing a suggestive reality from both visual and gastronomic perspective. Steel structures standing out against natural stone, creating a tangible and charming material contrast. In the interior, many halls to pass through in a sort of sensorial path, to reach, finally, your place, where to seat and have good food. Choosing the discretion of a private dining room or sharing the social table in the big hall. Moreover, you are offered an unique experience in the cellar, built in the rock, where time appears to stand still, to make you perceive the place.
Each recess hides a tale.
Each space has its touch of distinction.