I Banchi: a basilica of taste and arts


“I Banchi” is a basilica of taste and arts, in the Roman acceptation of the word: a place serving several purposes, social interaction, market exchange , administration of justice. Large reception rooms in wealthy houses were likewise termed basilicas.
For chef Ciccio Sultano it represents the essence of taste with a playful perspective. The reference to basilica, in its wider acceptation, becomes suggestion of a sacred space where holiness of food such as wheat or olive oil is celebrated.
The kitchen will be led by Giuseppe Cannistrà, second chef at Sultano’s Duomo, yet each creation will bear Ciccio Sultano’s gastronomic imprint.
Exalting the idea of food will be the keyword, like in the traditional Sicilian putìa.
“I Banchi” can meet all requests, thanks to the availability of great products, personally chosen and tested by Sultano.
The undisputed protagonist is modern Sicilian cooking, of which the two starred chef is one of the best and most eclectic interpreters.
Imagine “I Banchi” like a joyful carousel of food, meant to offer a playful approach to nutrition and cooking in a recreational environment, in a constant research aimed to bring out the pleasure-loving aspect future customers will be able to enjoy.